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What is the Canadian Curriculum or OSSD?

Ranked among the world’s top 5 secondary school programs, the OSSD or Ontario Secondary School Diploma is accredited by the Ministry of Education - Government of Canada. While the Canadian Curriculum is available for Grades 1 to 5 and Grades 6 to 8, the OSSD is exclusively for High Schoolers (Grades 9 to 12). Recognised globally by top universities and learning institutions, it provides students with a superb foundation and the opportunity to go further.

Progression Pathway

Upon registration, each student will be given an Ontario Education Number (OEN) from the Ontario Ministry of Education. From this moment, they are official Canadian students and will receive the same benefits as students studying in Canada. Since the OSSD is globally recognised, students can pursue the diploma to get into top international universities and even expedite their Canadian PR application.

Internationally Recognised By

Partnership with Vineyard Academy and Kanata Academy International

Established in 1996, Kanata Academy, a private school in West Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is a highly reputed learning institute that has successfully helped generations graduate from the globally recognised and innovative Ontario High School Model.

With Vineyard Academy as their global delivery partner, KAI has partnered with the Canadian Global School to deliver their international K-12 Pathway Program to our students. Motivated students can now increase higher education opportunities and even plan their migration to Canada.


Each course has been crafted by our team of experienced writers and developers and exceeds the curriculum expectations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Each of our team members is certified through the Ontario College of Teachers, and have extensive experience not only developing course materials but teaching with them as well.  As an innovative institution, Kanata Academy creates courses to engage today’s students, with a focus on integrating interactive multimedia learning elements throughout. 

Courses are delivered completely through ‘Edsby’ our virtual learning environment or online educational platform. This easy-to-use platform is where you will find all:

  • Course content
  • Interactive activities
  • Videos
  • Assignments

 Our Edsby platform is also where you will submit your assignments, complete online tests, and quizzes and receive feedback from your teachers.

Yes. Kanata Academy is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, and credit courses are recognized by all universities and colleges across Canada and the world.  

Yes. Kanata Academy will issue an OSSD provided that students complete the typical OSSD requirements. 

  • 30 Ontario credits
  • 40 community hours
  • A passing grade on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Kanata Academy is able to recognize all prerequisite credits received at a home school in Ontario, or across the world. 

Contact to learn more about the requirements and fees, and to get your local school transcript assessed.

Yes. As a Ministry of Ontario-inspected institution, every college and university in Canada and around the world accepts all credits offered through Kanata Academy.  Online courses are valued the same as a course taken at a physical school location. 96% of Kanata Academy graduates have been accepted to study at some of the top universities in Canada, the United States and globally.